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Designed to Dominate

Every manufacturer designs his product with the right components, engineered to fulfill the function that the product is created to perform. In essence, the purpose of the product dictates the mechanical and engineering components required to fulfill the manufacturer’s intent. Its “circuits” are right

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Health & Fitness

John Witherspoon: The Power of Laughter

Now I know everyone has seen Friday, the movie that has one of my favorite comedians John Witherspoon. His wit and crude humor had my family and me laughing for years, making tough times good and good times better, which is a divine act.

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Health & Fitness

Willie McGinest’s Tips To Stay In the Game!

After former NFL linebacker Willie McGinest showed Autumn his favorite football speed and agility drills in this workout, he shared some of his tips for staying motivated, avoiding injury and being as healthy as possible. Click here to subscribe to my channel and see more

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Health & Fitness

Are You Exposed to Thirdhand Smoke?

You already know about secondhand smoke—the type you inhale if you’re sitting next to or near a smoker. It’s known to cause respiratory infections and respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing) in children and can increase the risk of heart attack and lung cancer in adults. Recently, the

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